CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan – Biweekly Mortgage Payments

CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan might be the thing you’re looking for. Worried about the home loans or mortgage then you must read about Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). Read details to check is the CitiMortgage is offering the right thing which you are looking for? or not.

Enroll in to CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan

CitiMortgage introduced biweekly plan for customers. So, that they can save on mortgage interest and savings in overall plan. The plan offers only $3.00 transaction fee, due on each draft. And after few years your homeownership will free of mortgage. After registering in this plan you not have to write a mortgage check, other benefits are below in detail.

CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan

Benefits of Bi Weekly Mortgage Payments

  • You can reduce the load of your mortgage debt and can also save thousands of $ in mortgage interests. Pay your mortgage early with this. For example a homeowner can save $24,000 in 30-year finance with $100,000 balance at 6% interest. The amount will pay off 5.4 years earlier than normal term of mortgage. Further more You can calculate your amount by using this BiWeekly CitiMortgage Calculator.

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  • Citi Mortgage biweekly draft service is flexible, it can suit with your pay schedule and budget. Select the week day of week of your choice OR biweekly to prepare your draft on that day.
  • You can secure your automatic payments, Citi Mortgage will remit your payments to lenders on monthly basis.
  • If you register in this plan, you can transfer this plan to any-other mortgage by Citi at no charge. If you have plans for a new home mortgage in future, you can transfer your plan with any other lender. (Fee may apply)

Have any FAQs? Related to the Biweekly advantage plan?  Read them from here:

Online technical support is also available at 866.622.8993. Call customer service representative and get information about your plan. Citi Mortgage Biweekly Advantage plan is not a perfect or last finance option for all homeowners. So, before choosing a plan you should consider all the available options.

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