Weight Watchers Monthly Pass: Activate WeightWatchers.com Pass

Want to lose some weight? Weight Watchers Monthly Pass helps you, activate Weight Watchers pass, and start monthly pass to lose your weight. if your Weight Watchers monthly pass is mis-place or someone steals it. Print a temporarily card online from profile page  at www.WeightWatchers.co.uk. Customers can also cancel the Monthly Pass by using the email service or online account. Further more your credit/debit card will charge 15 days prior for the renewal date of your Weight Watchers Monthly pass.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

How to Activate Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

The activation process of Weight Watchers Monthly Pass is quite easy and simple. Few steps to go through, then you can use it while attending the meetings of Weight Watchers.

  • First of all enter the ACCESS CODE in box, which is just above the button. Click to go to the Activation screen.
  • The access code can be extract from ‘Starter Voucher‘ scratch the voucher and enter it in the given fields. Now pay monthly pass bill by using your credit card, the overall transaction process use encryption and safe.
  • After completion of this process you have to print out a temporary Pass. It is for authentication purpose at the meetings until you got your original Weight Watchers Monthly Pass via Post.

Note: You have to receive a new Monthly Pass via post, each card validation date is written and you have to get a new card after it to keep attending the meetings.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass – Overview

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass helps you to got to any meeting which is on the go in England or Scotland and wales. You can also check upcoming meetings and can also check your accessibility of that location by Using This Link
So, All the members of Weight Watchers can buy a Monthly Pass except those who meet these criteria;

  1. A pregnant girl/women
  2. Person who is under 18 yrs.
  3. A person who’s weight not reaches to 5 pounds above the recommended minimum weight for their age and height.