Staples Rebates Card: Submit Rebate at Staples Rebate Center

You can claim your rebates with Staples Rebate Center. No matter you have brought Staples rebate products online at home or from a physical store. Save money at quality items by using the Staples easy rebates card; easily differentiate b/w products with the special icon or the text written “easy rebate.”

Staples Rebates Center: Now Submit a Staples Easy Rebate Online

There are two options by which you can cash up your rebate. One is by check and other is by prepay debit card. If your rebate is less than $10 then you have one option to receive the amount in the PayPal account.

Staples Rebate Center

You can also view the account status online, for this you have to activate your account online. You can visit, at your browser. Now you have to enter the 16-digit card number, your account will setup in few minutes. At next enter the 9-16 digit tracking number to login to your online account for Staples easy rebates card. At your self-care account you will be able to see View Card Balance. More over see card activity history, text alerts, change account information and others.

If ever in your life you lose card OR some steal it, you can connect with official website. Here you can report the fraud, for this purpose you have to fill up the fraud form. If you find it difficult you may contact the customer service 1.866.923.0052 and discuss the issue related to your Staples rebate card account. You can also enable the text alerts which will alert you when purchases are occur, it also informs you about the balance of rebate card.

You can use Staples rebate card at gas stations, restaurants, online purchases, checkouts. Moreover use it at other places more details of which you can find on official website. Staples is a company which was founded in 1986 and offers its products and services related to office supplies, copy & print, cleaning, technology, break room, and furniture. It is a successful company which has about 90,000 employees around the world; the company earns a revenue of about $26 billion which reports shows in financial statements.

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You can read more about the company. Get details about the saving tips with your Staples Easy Rebates, you can visit

Looking for official login page for Staples Easy Rebate card to manage account connect with Staples Rebate Center at