Myinstantoffer Lending Club Review is it Legal or a scam?

Myinstantoffer Lending Club is a world`s largest peer-to-peer lending company, based in San Francisco, California. More than 1900 employees are currently working there. It is the best place for borrowers to get a quick low-rate loan. It offers personal as well as business loans and connects borrowers with lenders.

Borrowers can get loan amount up to $40,000 at comparatively low interest rates. A question frequently asked by borrowers, while applying for a loan by Lending Club is “Is Lending Club Legit or a scam?”

Is Myinstantoffer Lending Club Legal?

So here is the answer, “Yes” Lending Club is completely legal. Lending Club is trusted way to get a loan at great interest rate. Borrowers can apply for a personal loan and get the amount from $1000 to $40,000. In order to get approved for a loan, you must have credit score more than 660.

Residents of all states of America can get a loan from Lending club except Iowa and West Virginia. So Lending Club is legit and offers 100% confidential services.

Lending Club legit or scam

Benefits of Lending Club Personal Loan

Lending Club offers a Myinstantoffer personal loan with a large number of benefits to its customers. Borrowers can easily get approved for a loan and have all these given below:

  • Lending Club offers best interest rates to borrowers; they can get a loan at the interest rate of 5.98%.
  • Borrowers can get amount as per their requirement, from $1000 to $40,000.
  • Borrower will get the amount of loan within 24 hours, after approval. So they have the fast turnaround.
  • People can use the amount of loan for home improvement, medical expenses or vacations.
  • It also has low organization fee than other peer-to-peer lenders.

Due to all these benefits and security of personal information, Lending Club has the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Secured Information

Most of the users do not feel comfortable to provide their personal information like bank account at any site. So in order to gain trust from borrowers and secure their information, Lending Club is using cutting-edge technology. They make sure that information of all users is secured and cannot be intercepted by hackers. It gives a clear answer of, “Is Lending Club Legit or a Scam?” Hence it is legit.

Borrowers can protect themselves from scammers by following simple instructions. They should not reply to emails that require any personal or financial information. Lending Club never asks its users to download any software from email.


Question was, “Is Lending Club Legit or a Scam?” All above discussion tell us that Lending Club is legit and completely secured. So just apply now online at and get a loan at the lowest possible interest rate.