How to Use DVLA Swansea Phone Number & Address

What is DVLA Swansea Contact Number?

You can call DVLA customer service at this phone number 0870-025-0121 to ask any question. However, there are some other numbers listed in the table below for some specific issues. But at the above DVLA phone number you can ask about driving license, car tax payments, reporting a lost license.

Moreover, one can also report his/her changed medical condition, query about private registration plates. Apart from above you can also update your vehicle records right after buying or selling. Moreover, one can also conduct a license check for anyone on this DVLA helpline.

DVLA Swansea Contact Number

Introduction to DVLA

DVLA is a UK Government Department which was came into being in 1990. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the issuer of driver’s and vehicle licenses in United Kingdom. Up to now the statistics says that there are about 44 million valid licenses for drivers and 36 million vehicle licenses or registrations.

DVLA Swansea

The DVLA Swansea is the headquarters of the DVLA department in the UK, this head-office holds the complete data about the drivers and vehicles on the United Kingdom roads. Besides to above, DVLA UK also responsible for the issuance of blue badge permits and collection of car tax payments.

Anyone can contact DVLA Swansea, to discuss the problem with the representative. However, the head office is further segregated in to multiple departments. Furthermore, Selection of the right office to discuss your problem with DVLA Swansea is very important to avoid the risk of delivering the right mail to wrong section.

What Type of Services do DVLA Swansea Offer?

  • Driving Licenses
  • Personalized Registration Plates
  • Car Tax
  • Blue Badge Permits

The above listed services are the primary one. There is no full stop to the services which DVLA Swansea offers to its customers. For example; one may contact DVLA to report a lost/stolen driving license.

On the other side one may contact them for changing the postal address, for reporting the mistake in vehicle tax payment. There is a long list of reason for which you can contact DVLA Swansea Representative and you know it better.

DVLA Swansea Address for Different Sections

As we have mentioned above that DVLA Swansea have multiple sections according to the type of job. So, for the ease of our visitors here we are going to give our visitors a complete list of postcode for each DVLA Swansea section along with its duty type.

Address  Postcode  Service
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1AH  Enforcements related
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1DH  Driving Licence Renewal
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1BE  First Registrations (V55/1,2,4,5)
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1AR  V890 and V11
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1DZ  Trade licensing and general licensing
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1BN  Replacement driving licences
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1DS  Personalised Registrations (Public)
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1BA  V5C Changes
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1BP  Vehicle and driver record enquiries
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1BD  Disposals into Trade (V5/3)
DVLA Swansea  SA99 1DP  Personalised Registrations (Motor Trade)

Some Other DVLA Phone Numbers

We are aware about the needs of our visitors so, we try to provide them with great user experience. That’s why along with the very basic DVLA customer service phone number. We are also providing the users with a list of DVLA department wise phone number. While hoping that this will help you a lot in making a connection with DVLA Customer care.

Queries Type Contact Number
DVLA Customer Service  0870-025-0121
New Vehicle Registration  0870-025-0133
Driver Licensing Qeries 0870-025-0095
DVLA Logbook Queries  0870-100-0031
Welsh Language Inquiries  0300-790-6819
DVLA Driving Test  0870-025-0077
DVLA forms  0300-790-6801
For Driving and Medical Condition  0870-025-0070
DVLA Number Plates  0870-174-8022
DVLA Licence Renewal  0870-025-0085
Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) 0870-025-0080
Report a Change of Address  0870-025-0045
DVLA Car Check 0300-790-6802
MOT and Vehicle Testing  0300-123-9000
For Theory Test 0300-123-4321
Tax on Vehicles 0870-100-0025
DVLA Vehicle Check  0870-025-0088