Activate & Verify Chase Credit Card Online –

Activate Chase credit card once you received it with the help of online portal at however, this process can only be done after approval and delivery of the card. Nowadays credit and debit cards are one of the most demanding things and essential for daily life shopping, especially for online purchases.

But to enjoy all the perks from Chase card first you have to activate it and then at the second step verify it. New people who recently got their card do not aware about the process and that’s why here we will continue to take a look on the Chase verification steps. – How to activate your Chase card?

The process is quite short and easy, however, people can select the method of their choice from the available two options.

  1. Phone
  2. Online

Using Phone to activate Chase card

One can simply activate Chase card by using his/her mobile phone by using the customer service helpline. Use the phone number 1-888-489-7249 or you can also use the phone number available at the back of your card. Some cards use specific phone numbers and that’s why general customer service do not activate those cards. Here are some steps you will go through;

  1. First of all call the phone number
  2. Once the operator will connect you, verify your identity by answer some general questions for security
  3. Provide all the required information about your card, as asked by the agent or representative including card number, phone number, and address registered for the card.
  4. Provide your Social security number and some ancestral information including your mother’s name or place.
  5. There is a sign-up bonus on choice and the operator will ask you to opt for it or not? If you like the details then you must go for it.
  6. Finally, all the steps are done now you just have to sign your card at the last step.

Activate Chase card online at official portal

A most popular way to activate your Chase card is by using the online portal. You can use the website to activate the Chase card online. Follow the steps below to successfully activate your Chasecard.

  1. Firstly, you will need an internet connection along with a working device no matter the tablet, phone or a laptop.
  2. Open your browser and then in the URL bar type com/verifycard
  3. Now press the ‘Enter’ and wait until the activation screen appears
  4. Sign-in as a member account by using your username and password.
  5. If you are new then you can also sign-up to create your account.
  6. Now go to My Account and then select the respective credit or debit card.
  7. Click on Activate button and wait until the screen shows a success message and displays the status as active.

Chase Sign-up reward

Usually, when you activate Chase credit card you are offered with new sign-up reward. Chase typically offers Free Points and you can activate such offers by signing-in to your account online and then use it. Follow the instructions so, that the points are available to use in your card. You can also connect with Chase Customer service if having any issues for using the service.