Legality of marijuana is shifting moderately with the passage of time. Due to that factor people are looking to invest in growing marijuana companies’ shares. A number of cannabis stock options are available for investors to put-up your money.

Hunting for a cheap marijuana stocks may be a difficult task as the cannabis stocks are not traded publicly and if available then at really higher prices. While selecting a marijuana stock always consider the reasonable P/E ratio to measure the profitability of your investment. Here are some of the cheap marijuana stocks available in the market as an investment opportunity.

marijuana stocks

AMMJ Stock

American Cannabis Company Inc. (OTCMKTS: AMMJ) provides consultancy to companies dealing in marijuana. AMMJ offers marketing, branding, & staffing consultancy beside to other expertise with handful set of experiences. The stock price varies but currently it is available at $0.2790


InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. develop drugs and it also focus on therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. With their own bioinformantics assessment tool InMed can screen and select any specific cannabinoid with potential use for a given condition. This approach helps them to identify multiple therapies after researching. The price for the given share is currently going at $0.2581 per share.


Aleafia Health operates medical cannabis clinics operating under the Canbo Medical Clinic name and it also constructing growing farms now. Another thing makes ALEAF an attractive option that it is taking over Emblem in coming weeks. Emblem is also a marijuana company and if acquisition gets successful then it will leads to growth of business. Current price of ALEAF shares is $1.01 and it is traded as OTCMKTS: ALEAF.


OrganiGram Holdings is a Canadian cannabis growing company. Although it is a small growing company and expect to yield over 100,000 kg of cannabis per year. The company focuses on the quality rather than quantity, however, future competition and market pricing players can influence the profitability of small companies. Currently, OGRMF is traded at $4 per share and it is traded as OTCMKTS: OGRMF.

Some other options to consider

Beside to all above suggestions, we would like to offer some other options available in market which are also considerable for an investor. One can also consider to get a consultancy from an expert before making decision, as there are number of factors involved in future profitability of a stock.

MMNFF Stock – traded as OTCMKTS: MMNFF at a price of $2.60

CNTTF Stock – traded as NASDAQOTH: CNTTF at a price of $5.50

KSHB Stock – traded as OTCMKTS: KSHB at a price of $6

MRMD Stock – traded as OTCMKTS:MRMD at a price of $2.02

PLPRF Stock – traded as OTCQB:PLPRF at a price of $2.80


Disclaimer: This article is for information purpose only, and to provide a research resource. However, the decisions made on this information are you own. It is always better to consult an expert before making any financial investments.

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