Taking loans from banks has become easier over time, and people generally prefer because it is, at times, the only feasible option for them.

Now a days Myinstantoffer is available for all the people in U.S. Its the only way they can secure the large amount they need for their expanding business or start-up.

It is the only way they can buy a better car, buy property or furnish a house. IT opens up avenues for them; to afford their child’s education or arrange a wedding.

However, when we borrow money from a bank, the bank specifies among other things their interest rate and the date of repayment. At times, the loan is paid off over long years and the monthly or annual remittance becomes tedious. The borrower may not be able to pay it off. And the interest simply keeps adding.


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There may be better options when it comes to taking loans, but the masses prefer banks.


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Banks seem convenient and extremely reliable, and their offers, when not compared with other loan lenders, are appealing.

The Challenges of taking loans from Banks

  • Requirements:

Among other things, banks ensure that their applicants are investing in stable business. And that they will eventually pay off the debt. For this reason, it is often difficult to get approval for a loan in start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Also if you have an unstable, unreliable or low income and have few prospects of future jobs.

  • Repayment:

Loans are lent on the condition of a regular monthly or annual remittance; If a person falls behind on these, he faces the risk of having his assets seized (ownership will be transferred to the bank). The bank could also cut down on your credit score, which would make it difficult to acquire loans in the future. Investors are a better option in this case, since they would receive dividends of the profit rather than regular repayment.

  • Variable Payments:

When the interest rate of your loan is variable, it may change with the market. This makes future payments unpredictable and makes it challenging for the borrower to plan ahead.

Although banks have long been considered a viable loan option; online loan lenders may be a better idea. Their interest rates are far lower than banks and repayment is easier. Online loan services are improving and are becoming more and more acceptable.

Myinstantoffer.com is a web page that connects investors and loan-seekers online, and allows them to settle for deals that suit them best. It operates under the Lending Club from San Francisco. It is registered with the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is the first of its kind to do so.

Lending Club also works in the secondary market. Basically it offers a lower interest rate than most other online lenders, and offers larger loans up to $40,000 to applicants who meet the prerequisites. The loan grant is made by WebBank, which is an insured and customized industrial bank. Applications are considered depending on amount, loan term, their past credits and credit scores.

As it is useful to almost anyone, a start-up, an entrepreneur, a college student, or a father. It can offer solutions to people giving down-payment for their house, or taking a car or store on lease, those repaying high-interest credit cards or people paying for medical treatment. And the website www.myinstantoffer.com is useful for companies and parties interested in larger sums of money with lower interest.

Lending Club offers For Myinstantoffer

Lending Club is the world’s largest online lending platform. It is based in San Francisco and was initiated in 2006 by Facebook, as one of its very first user applications.

Soon after, it secured investments from prominent investors Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners, and successfully developed itself into a full-scale business. By December, 2015, Lending Club claims to have created nearly $16 billion in loans.

Loans are lent for a standard duration of three years and amounts can range from one to four thousand dollars. Whenever a potential customer requires a loan, they put up a requirement ad, and investors can choose borrowers based on the amount, on the term of the loan and based on interest rate. Investors receive the interest as profit and the club makes money by charging both parties a service fee.

For More Information:
In 2008, Lending Club stopped registering further borrowers; it filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for approval to issue its lenders promissory notes. The request was approved by the SEC and the process completed by October 14, 2008 and the website began registering new lenders again.

Lending Club offers For MyinstantofferHereby, notes issued after the date are security from Lending Club itself rather than a direct requirement for the borrower. The club purchases loans from a bank and promissory notes, by default, become obligations of Lending Club Myinstantoffer instead of the borrower of the loan. Lending Club pays the owner of the note the money returned by the borrower and deducts its service fees.

The owners of the note become unsecured creditors of Lending Club. The lender may lose their money if the company becomes bankrupt. Lending Club partners with FOLIOfn Investments; The notes can be bought and sold on their website; the Foliofn trading platform, which offers, a secondary market for the notes.

This makes Lending Club the first of its kind peer-to-peer lending network that offers such a large secondary market to its users. This means that investors can sell their notes before they mature and the buyer can then have them cashed for their worth. FOLIOfn Investments charges a fees of 1% on note sales. Till 2016, one of the major provider of funds for Lending Club was hedge funds.

How lending club works

How It Works?

Lending Club offers on its website information of thousands of potential borrowers ranging from individuals to businesses and companies. It also provides all relevant details of the borrower; their financial history, income, requirement, credit history, credit score and reliability. All of these details can be uploaded by anyone hoping to secure a loan through a website application at www.myinstantoffer.com.

Based on the provided information, Lending Club defines a credit grade to each borrower, which determines the interest rate at which they will have to pay. The applicants who qualify receive the approval within minutes and can then consider loan options that they have.

According to LendingClub.com, customers report a 24% lower interest rate at Lending Club when compared with conventional bank-granted loans. Usually, the loan will be repaid within the next three years, however, loan options for five years are also available albeit at a higher interest rate. So, in order you really want some personal loan then Myinstantoffer is best option for you.

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The previous performance statistics of Lending Club are fairly impressive. According to data provided by LendingClub.com, its average borrower had been with the club for 16.2 years, had a FICO score of 699, 17.7% income ratio, $73,945 personal income and loaned about $14,553 annually.

Investors can access the loan listings on the website myinstantoffer.com and depending on their requirements- short-term repayment or higher rates- they can choose borrowers they find convenient. Once the loan transfer finishes, the borrowers will pay monthly remittance and the lenders will earn monthly interest.

Why use Lending Club?
Lending Club has the highest customer-satisfaction rates in the finance service industry which you can check out on myinstantoffer.com. It manages to keep its’ consumer market satisfied by making attractive offers. Typically offers are for both borrowers and investors. It provides risk-free and reliable investment opportunities and easy, viable options for all consumers. In addition to above, applying for a loan at Lending Club is extremely easy. The online application form can be filled anytime, results start coming within minutes and users can choose viable offers from a variety of options. Borrowers can also prepay the entire borrowed amount any time. It depends on them either they wish or make fixed monthly payments for the entire term of their loan.

Why use lending club

The procedure to invest is also straight-forward and provides its users solid returns. Investors can build a portfolio over time by lending with increments as small as $25. They can also reinvest payments in parallel or withdraw their amount.

  • Privacy:

Lending Club ensures the privacy of all user information. It does not sell, distribute or make public any personal or private information of its borrowers and only releases facts that are relevant and required by the investors to provide loans. This ascertains that users are not putting their private information at risk when they access this online resource. They can place confidence in the company’s privacy policy.

  • Transparency:

Lending Club is committed to providing its users all the information about their past loan. It also shows investor performance, background data about the company and its services. When applying for loans, it is crucial that the source of the loan be credible and reliable. Moreover, the deal is transparent and with no strings attached. It is also essential that potential borrowers are aware of the policies of the service provider. In addition to that the terms and conditions of the investor are also open in front of customer.

How to Take a Loan at Lending Club?

Any borrowers hoping to get a loan from Myinstantoffer Lending Club should first take the following precautionary steps to ensure that they do not run into trouble later along the way.

How to Take a Loan at Lending Club

  • Terms and Conditions

Borrowers should ensure they have done enough research to be aware of the legal bindings of the contract they are signing. For example, borrowers should know the maximum payment period and the methods of payment. The Annual Percentage Rate must be clearly available from the borrower in addition to the dollar amount of fees.

  • Processing Time

In case you are short on time and require your loan within a specified period, you should consider lenders who would have that sort of quick service online on Myinstantoffer website. This ensures that you do not have to wait for the loan, and is avaialble on time by the lender and your work goes smoothly.

  • Compare Offers

The best way to find the lowest interest rates and best payment options and loan terms is to do one’s homework. Find and compare all the possible lenders registered with the website and their details. Try to look for the best rated, the cheapest and most convenient lender you can find. This would ensure that you save time, money and trouble later on. Before selecting a lender, read their reviews, consumers’ comments, and the overall acceptability and reliability of their claims.

  • Pre-Approval Loans

If you want to get a pre-approval loan, visit the website myinstantofferloan.com and it will redirect you to the website for Lending Club. Here you will have to enter the following information about your demand:

Lending Club Pre-Approval Loans

Information required to apply for Lending Club Personal Loan

  • Amount:

The form require you to define an amount between $10,000 to $40,000. Your state in which you are living and the purpose of securing the loan. You must tell them your current credit score which defines what your history has been so far. You must choose from several options including: Excellent (greater than 720), Good (660 – 720), Fair (600- 660), Poor (600 or less) or Don’t Know.

  • Identity:

Here the requirement is that you clarify who is applying for the loan, whether you are an individual, whether you have any partners. Applying with partners makes a person eligible to greater amount of loan.

  • Personal Information:
The website will enquire your age or date of birth and details about yourself.
  • Your income:

The website will demand to know your income. Your income is the amount that you receive monthly whether in the form of salary, pension or state-provided incomes. You must clarify what other sources of income you have using which you wish to clear your debt.

  • Name:

Your credit report basically connects to your name which will allow them to verify your credit.

  • Address:

Your postal address is must for additional verification.

  • Email address:

Your email address will allow the club to contact you and set up your account.

  • Terms and Conditions

You have to give your consent to an online contract. Where you confirm that you understand and agree to abide by the loan provider’s policies.

  • Social Security Number:

Users then have to provide their social security numbers.

Once you have answered the queries, you will get response within a few minutes informing you. That, if you have been selected and mentioning the reasons for your ineligibility if nor. Candidates who qualify usually can apply for other loans from myinstantofferloan.com. In any case, the applicant should carefully consider all of his or her options before deciding to select a particular loan option. The applicant then have to wait for the investors to select their case. This wait may take hours, or days, or weeks depending on the case.

Loans, once get approval, the money reaches to the applicant’s bank account, usually within four working days. Myinstantofferloan.com ensures that your identity and personal information remain safe and that your funder is not able to contact you directly.

Lending Club Statistics

Requirements for All Investors

Promissory notes of investment are not provided in all states of the USA. Moreover, they are not available in states like Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon and Columbia. Investor have to fulfill certain prerequisites to become eligible to invest in Lending Club. There is a minimum income requirement of $70,000 in certain states, it could also be greater in other states. This requirement may not be applicable if the applicant’s net worth is $250,000 or greater. In the case of net worth, the person’s maximum investment may not exceed 10% of their net worth at LendingClub.com.

The minimum amount to be which one have to invest in a single note is $25. Its also the minimum for opening an account at Lending Club.

Ways to Invest at Lending Club

For the investor at Lending Club, there are two investment options:

Manual Investing: means that the person goes through the available options before choosing one. In this case, you can take help from the filter, by setting your investment criteria.

Individual/Private Investing: You will only see the investment options that meet your requirements, in this case.

You can invest entirely in an individual loan or buy them in fractions in the form of notes. Notes are also available in increments of $25 for buying.



IF any of you is looking for the low-rate quick loan, then Lending Club is the best option available for you. Lending Club is one of the famous peer-to-peer lending companies in the United States.

It offers borrowers quick loans at comparatively low-interest rates. We`ll talk about Lending Club Complaints and problems faced by borrowers when applying for a loan in this article.

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Problems faced by lending club users

Problems Faced by Lending  Club Borrowers

Problems faced by borrowers when applying for a loan are discussed here. By reviewing these Lending Club complaints, you can apply and get a low-rate loan from Lending Club without facing any problem.

  • High-Interest Rates

When applying for a loan through Lending Club, the interest rate for some borrowers can be really high. If you are applying for $10,000, then you will have to pay an interest rate of 7%. But this can be high for some people up to 14%. Users can lower their interest rate through various ways. So people can save thousands of dollars through given below ways:

  • Better credit score can result in lower interest rate.
  • High amount of loan can result in higher interest rate. So try to apply for least amount that you need.
  • Try to get a loan only for 3 years rather than 5.


  • Large Number of Applications are Rejected

Other considerable complaint made by borrowers, when applying for a loan is that a large number of applications are rejected. So in order to get approved for a loan by Lending Club, the borrower must have a good job with decent salary. Also, they should have interest rate more than 660.

Is Lending Club Safe


  • Unavailability of Loans in few States

Lending Club offers loans in all states of America, except Iowa and West Virginia. So if you`re living in these two states, then it can be difficult for you get approved for a loan by Lending Club. This complaint is usually made by borrowers from these two states when applying for a loan.


Is Lending Club Safe?
Is Lending Club scam? This is the frequently asked question by the borrowers while applying for a loan. Lending Club is the legit and safe place to get a loan. Lending Club offers great interest rate to its borrowers and also it has a solid track record. So Lending Club is a trusted way to get a loan at a lower interest rate.


Lending Club Complaints and major problems faced by borrowers are mentioned above. By closely reviewing all Lending Club complaints, it is clear that Lending Club is a great option to get a loan at a lower interest rate.
For More Information:
If you are facing any other problem, when applying for Lending Club, then don’t worry. You can visit www.lendingclub.com for more information and also contact Customer Service Representative at 888-596-3157.


Myinstantoffer Lending Club is a world`s largest peer-to-peer lending company, based in San Francisco, California. More than 1900 employees are currently working there. It is the best place for borrowers to get a quick low-rate loan. It offers personal as well as business loans and connects borrowers with lenders.

Borrowers can get loan amount up to $40,000 at comparatively low interest rates. A question frequently asked by borrowers, while applying for a loan by Lending Club is “Is Lending Club Legit or a scam?”

Is Myinstantoffer Lending Club Legal?

So here is the answer, “Yes” Lending Club is completely legal. Lending Club is trusted way to get a loan at great interest rate. Borrowers can apply for a personal loan and get the amount from $1000 to $40,000. In order to get approved for a loan, you must have credit score more than 660. The best way for check target gift balance is mybalancenow online website.

Residents of all states of America can get a loan from Lending club except Iowa and West Virginia. So Lending Club is legit and offers 100% confidential services.

Lending Club legit or scam

Benefits of Lending Club Personal Loan

Lending Club offers a Myinstantoffer personal loan with a large number of benefits to its customers. Borrowers can easily get approved for a loan and have all these given below:

  • Lending Club offers best interest rates to borrowers; they can get a loan at the interest rate of 5.98%.
  • Borrowers can get amount as per their requirement, from $1000 to $40,000.
  • Borrower will get the amount of loan within 24 hours, after approval. So they have the fast turnaround.
  • People can use the amount of loan for home improvement, medical expenses or vacations.
  • It also has low organization fee than other peer-to-peer lenders.

Due to all these benefits and security of personal information, Lending Club has the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Secured Information

Most of the users do not feel comfortable to provide their personal information like bank account at any site. So in order to gain trust from borrowers and secure their information, Lending Club is using cutting-edge technology. They make sure that information of all users is secured and cannot be intercepted by hackers. It gives a clear answer of, “Is Lending Club Legit or a Scam?” Hence it is legit. I think that if you are looking for the best credit card then yourreflexcard is the way to go.

Borrowers can protect themselves from scammers by following simple instructions. They should not reply to emails that require any personal or financial information. Lending Club never asks its users to download any software from email.


Question was, “Is Lending Club Legit or a Scam?” All above discussion tell us that Lending Club is legit and completely secured. So just apply now online at www.myinstantoffer.com and get a loan at the lowest possible interest rate.

Thinking to apply for a quick loan? If any of you is looking to get a low-rate loan in the US, then Lending Club is one of the best options available for you. It is peer-to-peer lending company and offers unsecured personal loans up to $40,000. Lending Club allows various online services to its borrowers. All they have to do is to log in at www.lendingclub.com. The complete procedure for Lending Club Login is discussed in this article.

Lending Club Login Process

In order to log in to your Lending Club online account, simply follow the given procedure:

  • First of all, turn on your PC and make sure that it is accessed with an internet connection.
  • There you can see the option of “Sign-in” on the home page. Click on it.
  • It will ask you enter your account email address and password. After entering email address and password, you can choose to remember your email.
  • After that, click on the button “Sign-in” to finish this process.

Once you`re logged in to your account, you can get various online services. In case, any of you don’t remember your email password, then don’t worry. Click on the option “Forgot Password?” and complete the procedure to get access to your account back. So what are you waiting for? Just follow the given above Lending Club Login process.  But if you don’t have your account, then you have to create a new one first.

Lending Club Login Process

How to Create New Account

If you are a new user, then you have to create your own account first. Just follow the given steps:

  • Click on the option “Sign-in”. There go to “Don’t have an account yet?
  • Then select your state, account type, enter the email address and create a password.
  • Click on the button “Next” to verify your identity.
  • After verifying your identity, you can fund your account and choose an investment strategy as well.
Features of Online Account
Lending Club account featuresAfter completing the Lending Club Login process, borrowers can get various online services. They can pay the bill online, get complete details of monthly payments and many more. So just log in to your Lending Club account online and manage your information with no difficulty.
Features of Online Account
If you’re facing any difficulty while completing Lending Club login process, then you can contact at 888-596-3157. Also, you can visit www.lendingclub.com for more information.